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Video Game Icons

Well, if this isn't a jumbled mess.
47 Icons: Darkstalkers (Mostly Felicia, Morrigan Hsien-Ko; Some made from OVA caps which I did myself), PGSM (From caps of Act 48), Street Fighter (Chun-Li, Cammy), Marvel vs. Capcom 2,
Princess Peach

- I will make custom MvC2 dreamteam icons. Just tell me your characters in a comment to this post and I will have it made asap.
- Join all90sicons to post your icons relating to the 1990s!
- If you see that I have used your fanart, tell me and I will take it down or credit to you. I sometimes have a hard time picking out with is and isn't fanart.
- One icon containing nudity under the cut. Beware!

Without further ado, ( faaake cuuut )
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